Looking up, New York.

When you walk through of the streets of New York, you only can look up!

The Chrysler building is one of the last skyscrapers in the Art Deco style. The gargoyles depict Chrysler car ornaments and the spire is modeled on a radiator grille. Since it was restored in 1996 it glitters again like it must have in the 1930s.

William Van Alen was the architect of the Chrysler Building. He was commissioned by Walter P. Chrysler to design a building for him that could be a future investment for his family.

The Seagram Building, designed by renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe , and has become a true emblem for New York is one of the most beloved and representative buildings of this city.

It is located at number 375, Park Avenue, and has been the headquarters of the Seagram Spirits Corporation from its inception until today. Seagram House, as is well known in New York City, was set back 30 meters from Park Avenue by the famous architect, who helped with this symbolic gesture to relieve the density of New York City by a large square public that it is just at his feet. After its construction in 1961, the location of this important building helped to be created a new law in New York City which required that all new buildings would have to leave open space around them.

The Metlife building, still known by many as the PanAm Building is probably the one skyscraper most New Yorkers would like to see demolished. The main reasons for the dislike of the New Yorkers for this building are the blocking of the view on Park Avenue and the massive structure, which has often been criticized as 'cheap quality' or 'monumental bad architecture'. On the other hand the structural concept of the building is very intriguing and its sheer massiveness symbolizes New York as a huge compact city.

The distinctive triangular shape of the Flatiron Building, designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham and built in 1902, allowed it to fill the wedge-shaped property located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. The building was intended to serve as offices for the George A. Fuller Company, a major Chicago contracting firm. At 22 stories and 307 feet, the Flatiron was never the city’s tallest building, but always one of its most dramatic-looking, and its popularity with photographers and artists has made it an enduring symbol of New York for more than a century.

The headquarters of the United Nations in New York were developed by an international team of architects. The main building, the Secretariat, was one of the city's first skyscrapers in International Style.

The design for the United Nations complex was drawn by an international committee of architects, the United Nations Board of Design. The most notable of the architects were Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier and Wallace K. Harrison, who headed the board. Some renowned architects including Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius were excluded due to their historical links with Germany, the instigator of the Second World War.

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